arts consultancy and management

/ ad hoc management of and advice on subvention applications (Flanders, EU a.o.) and sponsoring, management tools, budgets, project coordination… for a wide range of different artists and organizations (Faso Danse Théâtre/Serge Aimé Coulibaly, Nadine/Trudo Engels, Zefiro Torna, I Solisti del Vento, Oxalys, Pearle*/Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe, EFA/European Festivals Association, oKo /Overleg Kunstenorganisaties, Behoud de Begeerte /Saint Amour-festival, Workspace Brussels, Passa Porta, Kaaitheater, Hiros, AMUZ, Creative Europa, LOD, Volta, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, bl!ndman, Toneelhuis, a.pass, Circus Ronaldo, Toespijs, Troubleyn /Jan Fabre, Collegium Vocale, Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski

/ member of the arts assessment commission of the Flemish Community

/ board & general assembly : secretary for Oxalys (Brussels music ensemble), treasurer for Initia (Brussels office for arts education and philosophy), secretary of Nadine (Brussels workspace for artists), Peeping Tom (dance company), Brussels Jazz Orchestra ; former board member for Musica (music education), Yard Projects (dance company of Angelique Willkie), member of the general assembly of FM Brussels (radio channel)

/ lecturer at Erasmus University Brussels, RITCS, School of Arts : in 40 teaching hours the essential management tools are explained, i.e. financial aspects, social security and taxation, labor legislation, subventions, networking, organizational aspects,… with attention for the artistic content and practices, the social, political and historical background, end-of-study achievement is to make a subvention application for a theater production

/ management at : Eastman, deSingel based dance company of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, music collective Choux de Bruxelles (Piet Maris), festival Resonances (Amy Norrington, Wavre/Brussels), experimental old-music ensemble Zefiro Torna (Mechelen), Oxalys (the art nouveau music group at the Royal Music Conservatory Brussels), Recyclart (arts center Brussels), Rosas (dance company of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker)

/ trainings for a.o. deSingel/Sabbattini, Kunstenloket-Cultuurloket, Creative Europe, VGC, P.A.R.T.S., Corban/Walter Verdin,…

/ publications and presentations for Pearle* (social security, taxation, VAT, copyrights in an international context "The Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers"), Kunstenloket ("begroten & budgetteren"), for the European Parliament (recast Visa Code and new Tourng Visa ; see from minute 2h25 on) :

/ coordination of copyright dossier and function descriptions for the performing arts at oKo (Overleg Kunstenorganisaties), Brussels

/ education : master of criminology at the K.U.L., University Leuven (B), graduated cum laude


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